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Why India Needs More Green Buildings

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30 Jun 2017
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Sustainable living is the new buzzword in the world of real estate, and for a good reason. With the effects of climate change right upon us, it is high time that India takes a stand to move in the direction of ‘green living’.

Energy efficient buildings are constructed intelligently and are designed to reduce power and water consumption and recycle waste in various ways so that our ways of living can stop harming the environment.

Here are a few reasons why India needs more green buildings.

1. Water conservation - Rainwater harvesting and other effective ways of reusing and recycling water are the need of the hour. Green buildings ensure that there are effective systems of water conservation in place and they make sure to reuse water in the best ways possible.

2. Renewable energy - Green buildings use sources of renewable energy such as solar panels to drastically reduce energy consumption and costs. Renewable energy is a great way to minimize the adverse effects that conventional energy consumption has on the environment.

3. Sustainable urban development - Effective planning so as to minimize the destruction of green spaces, forests and other natural landscapes is the key to sustainable urban development.

4. Air quality - The alarming level of air pollution today is one of the greatest concerns about urban living. Green buildings are designed to ensure better indoor air quality, ventilation and temperature control.

5. Resource conservation - The idea behind green buildings is also to use recyclable construction material as far as possible and to minimize the use and wastage of non-renewable resources in the process.

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