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Embassy Springs – A World of Environmental Sustainability

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16 Feb 2017
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Remember when Bengaluru had more trees than buildings? In those glory days, the city was a green haven with emerald lakes, lush vibrant gardens and endless open spaces.

Today Bengaluru faces new challenges – that of long traffic jams, unmitigated pollution and power woes. It’s these urban discomforts that set us in search for a slice of Utopia, a tranquil piece of urbanity that sets us apart from the complications of city life.



That search ends at Embassy Springs, a 300 acre gated community in Bengaluru with a thriving self-sustaining model that properly utilizes resources and emphasises pollution-free living.

Here are some of the unique environmentally sensitive features that greet you as you walk through the grand entrance of Embassy Springs.

Lakes & Water Bodies

Water is a nourishing element that sustains life and is an essential element on our planet. At Embassy Springs, the serene water bodies and lakes are not just a means to beautify the topography, but also a bio-diverse zone.

  • The vast 17 acre lake naturally cools the underlying micro-climate.

  • It’s a bio-diverse zone, home to an array of birds & aquatic life

  • The lake offers sustenance to a dense variety of plant life.

  • It’s also a place for relaxation with a café, Pet Park, viewing deck & more.

Pollution-Free Air

When you live at Embassy Springs, crisp, clean air is part of your ecosystem.

The community has a smart traffic management system that ensures that there are no smoke spewing traffic jams, and the abundance of trees & greenery filter the air of pollutants.

At Embassy Springs, your family can take a breath full of happiness & be healthier than ever before.

Trees & Gardens

Community parks and gardens connect every inch of Embassy Springs. The reason being, the community has a vision of a greener tomorrow – where every piece of earth should be crowned with abundant nature. The community has over 15 diverse bio-parks, each themed with their own variety of plant life.


  • Seven community parks – with acres of green open space.

  • Fifteen link parks – spanning 6500 sq.ft – 17,000 sq.ft joining community parks.

  • Fringe green areas – Roads, walkways & bicycle parks are lined with wide green avenues.

Green Sustainability

The ground work of Embassy Springs is a combination of smart urban planning and environment-based knowledge, to create an ecosystem that facilitates diversity, cleaner environs & ease of maintenance. The development features:

  • Several species of native and drought tolerant plants to promote the local diversity

  • Increased green ratio for a better micro-climate, cleaner air & moisture retention in the atmosphere.

  • Every street with its own natural identity – with each zone having its own distinct plants & flora foot-print.


Wildlife Ecology

The 75 acres of open space at Embassy Springs promises ecological diversity around your home. The landscape is home to a variety of birds and animal life. So much so, that the community is often visited by migratory birds and butterflies that call the project home, for a brief period once a year.

The diverse wildlife ecology of Embassy Springs is a symbol of the properly functioning natural symbiosis here.

Smartly Planned Road Networks

Embassy Springs being an expansive community, calls for a well-connected & smartly planned network of roadways.

The project has a smart traffic-management that ensures a smooth flow of vehicles. It also features wide footpaths along roads and a number of cycling avenues for those who like to use pedal power.

The project also has 14 bus bays & taxi bays as well.

Sustainable Power

Embassy Springs has an advanced underground network for power distribution. The project integrates smart technology with renewable energy for better utilization of resources.

  • LED based street-lights with automated control for 70% power savings.

  • A dedicated power distribution yard in every land parcel

  • Gravity distribution of water to pressurised systems with huge energy savings.

It’s these exciting features that put Embassy Springs decades ahead of its time. The ecologically-sensitive features are a result of years of careful planning, and not only promise a more sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle but deliver more happiness, tranquillity and health to you and your family.