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Behind the Landscapes at Embassy Springs: The Visual Identity

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22 Dec 2017
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It was three years of in-depth planning that resulted in the uninterrupted green expanses at Embassy Springs. A heady concoction of artful design and environmental sustainability, the landscape here is an ode to nature in its purest form. Aesthetically crafted by Cicada – Asia’s leading landscape architects, the landscape has been created to offer you a breath-taking panorama all year round.

“It's a vision to bring a certain harmony to the whole space and how people live their lives. And from there, we expand into how things will look," remarks Casey Gan, Founder, Cicada. 

However, it is the dexterous planting along the streets of Embassy Springs that truly highlights the sheer attention to detail by reinforcing the zoning character of each territory. The size and form complements the scale of the corridors, whereas, the colours provide visual cues for orientation and way-finding within this massive community. Moreover, the trees are selected in such a way that they flower at different times of the year, in different areas. This means that you’re surrounded by blooms throughout the seasons.

Take, for example, the plantations along following streets:

Springs Boulevard Commercial – majestic palms (for visual accessibility along retail areas)

Springs Boulevard Residential – big canopy trees and white understorey plants (for added privacy)

Springs Avenue – purple flowering trees and purple shrubs

Springs Lane – columnar evergreen trees and orange understorey plants

Springs Drive – small-to-medium flowering trees to add charm in front of the houses

Green Spine (commercial & clubhouse) - clear-trunk trees & lateral-branching trees for visual openness

And in addition to this carefully planned visual landscape, you have stunning water bodies, springs and even a 5-acre man-made lake that forms a large part of the township’s ecosystem, with its own set of highly water-retentive trees. But more on that in our next blog post!

Stay tuned for insights into how we chose the 136 varieties of trees planted at Embassy Springs.