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Behind the Landscapes at Embassy Springs: Choosing the Right Trees

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03 Jan 2018
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Embassy Springs is a water-sensitive development that aims to bring its community of people closer to nature. In our pursuit to conserve water and bring nature alive within the development, Embassy Springs is set to be home to more than 136 varieties of trees and plants.

Here’s a detailed look at what went into choosing the extensive varieties of flora at Embassy Springs:  

Inspired by nature

Embassy Springs is a magnificent development designed to counter the challenges of urban living. The receding green cover in Bengaluru is a challenge the city has been fighting over the years. Embassy Springs is inspired by nature through form and function.

The 136 varieties of trees are not only sculptural, but they are also handpicked to contribute to the ecology of the community by replenishing & conserving water. Some of the flora like spices and herbs are planted for consumption too and help contribute to the green space in the project.

The benefits of increased green spaces within the project are many:

- An enhanced micro-climate for residents
- Improved moisture retention in the air and soil resulting in lush vegetation
- A pleasant nature-friendly neighbourhood for your children to grow up in
- Increase in shade leads to less surface water evaporation and more percolation

Designed by Cicada Landscape Architecture

Our partnership with the internationally acclaimed Cicada Landscape Architecture has only further bettered the development ecologically and visually. According to Lim Swe Ting, Founder, Cicada Landscape Architecture, "It [landscape architecture of development] has to be visually impactful, ecologically responsible so that you can enjoy it for many years to come."

Choosing the 136 varieties of trees

Exhaustive planning and careful attention have gone into choosing the right varieties of trees. Trees are chosen based on factors like drought tolerance, easy maintenance and promotion of local biodiversity. Following are some of the factors based on which the varieties of trees are chosen:

1. Trees that conserve rainwater

Trees planted within Embassy Springs like Neem, Tamarind and Gulmohar help conserve rainwater and replenish the groundwater table. These trees improve the quality of rainwater before storage and reuse while other varieties target different toxins from the water and soil. Some also absorb heavy metals, process organic pollutants and hydrocarbons.

2. Native and drought-tolerant plants

Embassy Springs is the proud home to at least a hundred species of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and wetland plants that populate the open spaces of Embassy Springs. Bunchgrass varieties and local turf species encourage local biodiversity and are visually pleasing.

3. Planting for identity 

The trees within the development also serve as identifiers. Colorful flowering trees are not just pleasing to the eye but they also function as identifiers. Different flowering trees like gulmohar, pink trumpet, copperpod, bougainvillea and more serve as visual identifiers for a particular street within the development. 

4. Herbs and spices 

Some of the flora in Embassy Springs’ herb walk and spice walk are edible. Though not from the region, these herbs are chosen so they can adapt to the environment here.

5. Trees & plants that support the local animal life

The extensive landscape at Embassy Springs is set to attract fauna from tiny insects to other local wildlife. From butterflies, birds and other local wildlife, Embassy Springs is home to several harmless faunae.

The mix of water bodies, trees and shrubs help provide food and habitat for these creatures and help encourage ecological diversity within the development.

The diverse plant life in Embassy Springs is aimed at bringing you and your loved ones closer to nature and to promote green living. The extensive planning and the time & effort that have gone into landscaping are sure to make Embassy Springs an environmental success.

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