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7 Mistakes People Make While Growing Indoor Plants

Embassy Springs blogs
11 Feb 2019
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Let’s admit it, we all love to decorate our homes with indoor plants. Whether it’s the bedroom space, living room, or veranda space, indoor plants give life to the corners of our home. And most importantly, they remind us of the significance of Mother Nature in our lives.

Yet, sometimes, despite all the efforts of keeping them out of harm’s way, we still are unable to nourish these delicate indoor plants with proper care. So what are we doing wrong? 

Here are 7 silly mistakes that we often make with indoor plants and how we can correct them:   

1) Overwatering

We mistakenly think that all plants need to be watered the same way. Cacti and succulents are plants that prefer dry soil. Cacti can survive for months without water. And most succulents can thrive with less watering. Therefore, water your plants accordingly to their specific needs.

As a rule of thumb, remember this: the thicker the leaves, the less water a plant needs.



 2) Direct Sunlight

Indeed, sunlight is essential but excess of direct sunlight is bad and can be harsh for certain plants. The reason being is that bright direct sunlight may lack carbon dioxide and water; which can cause poor growth. 

Bright sunlight reflected on a wall or diffused through a veil gives perfect bright indirect light. You can have some plants in the bathroom even with low light conditions. 


3) The ‘Green Thumb’ Myth

Some people often have this misconception that either they are born with a ‘Green Thumb’ or they’re going to be a plant killer for the rest of their lives. That is false. You don’t need to have a PhD in botany to keep the plants in your house alive and healthy. Although a fair amount of knowledge is always helpful, you can always learn a few helpful tricks and tips online from time to time. 


4) Moving the Plants All the Time

Like other living beings, even plants need to acclimatize with their surroundings. Changes such as re-potting and changing the plants location frequently can disrupt the plant's climatic balance. If you relocate the plant often, then you’re doing it no good and only helping it die out fast. If your plant shows no signs of dissatisfaction, then the best thing to do is to do nothing. 


5) Forgetting to Check the Roots  

Most often people forget to check the roots, a terrible mistake as these roots are feeding the vitals of the plant. For instance, if roots are growing abnormally from a plant then it’s a clear indication that your plant is calling out for help. If you ever come across this situation, take the plant out of its plastic pot and cut off the dead tips of the roots that have outgrown the pot. 


6) Not Knowing Where Your Plants Come From

Before getting an indoor plant for your home, it’s always best to do a little research on the plant. Unlike cacti and succulents, which are desert-type plants, most other indoor plants are tropical species - they enjoy moist soil and humid air. Amazon elephant's ear, anthurium, bromeliads, cordyline, ficus among others are the best tropical plants for indoors. The takeaway here is that to know your plant well to help nourish it better. 


7) Thinking All Plants Need Too Much Maintenance 

Contrary to popular belief, certain plants don’t need high maintenance at all. Some plants can thrive well when ignored albeit not completely. For example, rubber plant, wax plant, cast-iron plant, snake plant, dumb cane to name a few don’t need much attention. 


You can also opt for self-watering pots that have been around for a while and have gotten more advanced with the aid of technology. These modern-age pots now can even tell you what your plant needs and when.  

So, keeping an indoor plant may seem simple, but there’s a minimum amount of effort that needs to be put to ensure it stays healthy. Avoid common mistakes, and your indoor plants will thrive. 

Living green is a mantra that we follow staunchly at Embassy Springs, Bangalore’s biggest and best planned city. Embassy Edge at Embassy Springs are apartments designed to allow surplus light and ventilation. The wide windows ensure more than 70% sunlight throughout the day making it easier to have a garden and manage indoor plants. So, if you’re planning to invest in Embassy Springs , then greenery is one of many things you should be less worried about.